Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ladies Carpark @ Mid Valley

so we have a few dedicated parking lots for women in e@curve. now we have a number of parking lots for women in mid valley!

i was ALMOST late for my afternoon shift and i was rounding for carpark and the security guard hand gestured to ask me to enter the ladies parking. and... it was SO DAMN EMPTY! i think thats because not much ladies knew about it yet. ngeks....

after work, i stayed back until nearly 12am cos i was waiting for LGZ to finish work as well. and it struck me, if there is a security guard to control who enters the ladies parking compound, what about exiting?

so, didnt pay for the parking ticket yet and i went to the security counter at Zone A P1 to check. mcb, that freaking security uncle give me attitude "baru 2 minggu, mana saya tau?"

so? how is my car suppose to get out?!

he made a call to god-knows-where and asked. he told me it was opened.

i was rather skeptical about it but left the counter anyways to avoid punching that security uncle.

went down to P2 and paid the parking ticket. walked towards the ladies parking compound and found a couple was standing there figuring out how to get out. yep... that barrier is still down.

spoke to them that i checked with the guard and he said it is open... definitely cant get in the compound because the guy tried to drive in his car with the girl to get her car, but that barrier did not move an inch. after exchanging a few lines, we think it might be automatic for exiting. so the girl went and get her car. and... indeed, to exit, it's automatic.

i think a security guard will be standing there from 10am to 10pm (i think) and only allow women to enter those parking space. after that, to exit, it is automatic. so no worries for staying late.

my own point of view.
i have parked that area third time now up till this date.

1st time, i was impressed and when i first entered i was thinking there will be a guard by the ladies parking entrance 24/7. i guess i was wrong, very wrong. when i want to leave the parking, it was damn scary. i need to walk around from the IGB lift in order to get my car. even if i dont use the IGB lift and use the escalator, i still have to walk a distance. i think it would be better if the ladies parking area is nearer and more easy to access.

2nd time was ok. the distance is still a lil scary.

3rd time, when i parked my car at about 7pm, i saw a guy walking around that area. dont know what is he up to. and the guard didnt do anything. so, meaning men are allowed in the ladies parking area?

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