Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland?

Remember once upon of time when we were kids playing Lego? Building stuffs base on imagination. Expand our creativity.

Girls would probably build houses and imagine it to be homey and make those Lego man becoming husband and wife and play 'masak masak'.

Guys would probably build space ships or guns and have war with those Lego man imagining they will conquer the world!

At the end of each round of wild imagination, reality kicks in and refusing to clean up. At the end we have our parents started screaming at us cos they've stepped on the bits and pieces that we didnt cleaned up. *ouch!*

Once I bug my mom to get me one of those Lego Technic, but she said no and her reason was... it's for boys... *sobs*

Oh how much we love Lego... So much memories. 

Eventually, growing up with work and our grown up daily lives tend to bury our inner child and all those are kept as memories 

How nice if we can travel back in time. Back to when we were kids for once, live in those memories (except screaming parents) and enjoy those days without worries.


When I first found out about Legoland, it was practically a dream come true for kids and even adults (like me!). Given the fact that the tickets are pretty pricey, it held me back. 

Good news is... 

Maybank is giving away tickets! 


Dearest Maybank, 

The tickets should be mine because this would definitely be a dream come true for a Lego lover like me! There would be so many themes to enjoy! Like the Lego® Technic, Miniland, and Imagination. Shopping at the shops at Legoland (for typical shopaholics like me. ^^)

Shall I... thank you in advance? *grins*

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