Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tamagotchi iDL

i got a new toy!

at first, i find it expensive and didnt wanna buy it until i get my pay. my ex school mate told me that its limited stock and she saw in pyramid. so my thinking was... next month's pay if it is sold out alre, then... i shall forget about it. 

Tamagotchi iDL Pink Color! ^^V

so bii sent me to work for my night shift and she said she wanna do some banking after sending me to work. i didnt suspect much cos it was really time for bank errands. 

use something thin and poke that tiny hole to open it for battery... 

then she said she wanna come back to mid valley cos she was craving for kim gary's yin yeong. went down to meet her a while. 

meet Choribotchi

when i reached kim gary, first she place 2 pcs of AAA battery in front of me. in my mind i was thinking, "anything at home out of battery?" i asked her what was it for. then she said... "for this!" and she brought out the tamagotchi idl. ^^

happy happy choribotchi~

my jaw dropped and i was damn happy i went speechless. haha!! went back to the office and placed the battery in and ran to the toilet to avoid the noise disturb other colleagues. quickly off the sound and went back to my seat and did other settings. ^^


after feeding her and play with her untill everything is good, i left it aside to do my work. the next time i checked... 

oyasumi choribotchi 

she was sound asleep. ^^

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