Monday, September 17, 2012

Ooi Noodle House, SS15, Subang Jaya

one morning i was craving for ss15's pork noodle. this stall starts from way long before. when i was young, this stall operates at a hotel's ground floor opposite subang carrefour. he will tell you, if u can wait, just wait. if you cant wait, you can leave. and at the end, people wait. because the pork noodle is damn good. 

Lou Shu Fun with extra shredded pork without piggie organs 

so me and bii woke up early and left home at 7:30am. just to avoid going too late to avoid the long wait. during lunch, the wait can go up to 1 hour. anyhow, that morning was perfect. rainy morning, with hot pork soup. ahh~ BEST! 

went few rounds on the same row only to find out the sign board has been changed to Ooi Noodle House. =.="

oh~ i also found out they dont sell 'kon lou', they only sell soup based. 

Bee Hoon and Noodle without organs

while waiting, me and bii actually observed the uncle cooking. he cooks bowl by bowl and also ensure each bowl has equal stuffs in it. if the assistant took less amount of noodle, he will add more. he even make sure that the vege amount is the same for each bowl!

the reason i am in love with this pork noodle is because of the soup. i am a soup person and the soup is fantastic. i know there's pork lard in it (thats why the soup is quite oily) and obviously i failed to taste what else is in the soup. bii managed to know that they added preserved turnips (菜脯) in it. ^^

Restoran Ooi Noodle House

78, Jalan SS15/4B,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E,

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday: 7am-4pm. Day off not fixed


Anonymous said...

Will never ever go to this place again.
We were told to wait an hour because many customer.
Nevertheless we agree since we were not hungry.
However after an hour wait we realise they were serving to ppl that came later then us. When we ask the serving lady and the owner.
The reply us very rudely you either wait or u can go.
We were so angry that we leave.. what kind of service is this.. the food is not free and there are plenty of nicer pork noodle that I eaten before..
Bad service..

BlurCo said...

well... at the beginning, when i first went when they were still operating opposite carrefour, he was that rude too... same thing. can wait, wait. cannot wait, leave. but somehow, i still go back cos it is good. and from the lesson learnt, i always go at about 8am to avoid getting myself pissed off and happy with the food. :P