Friday, September 14, 2012

How to spot lesbians or gays...

- Lesbians are said to be attracted to women, like to eat, sleep and hang out in the company of other women and have no affection for men

- Gay men have muscular bodies and like to show off by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes, prefer tight and light-coloured clothing, are attracted to men and like to carry big handbags similar to those used by women.

- For lesbians:

  • Showing attraction to women
  • Distancing themselves from women other than their girlfriends
  • A preference for hanging out, sleeping and dining with women
  • Absence of feelings for men
- For gays:
  • Muscular body and a fondness for showing off the body by wearing clothing, such as by wearing V-necks and sleeveless tops
  • A preference for tight and bright coloured clothes
  • An inclination to be attracted to men
  • A tendency to carry big handbags, similar to the kinds used by women
if spotting gays and lesbians are so easy as above, i wont even need to use my gaydar and always curse my gaydar for being malfunction. 

seriously, how can he become a Deputy Education Minister when he himself is having such narrow mind?? 
as if we malaysians do not have enough hatred issues, do not have enough racist issues and now u wanna plant even more hatred on sexuality? sure, i know such discrimination has been around for the longest time. shouldnt the government ease the hatred? or u prefer to watch your rakyat having war amongst rakyat? that'll be fun to watch, huh? 

please bear in mind that LGBT supporters doesnt mean that they are homosexuals themselves. they are people who thinks about human rights and still thinks that LGBT people are human like everyone. so even people are influenced by LGBT supporters to be SUPPORTERS because... oh for god's sake, it is because they have come to their senses that LGBT people are still humans! they are still part of the rakyat! 

not to say that the government is in the wrong for discriminating we LGBTs. but hello? need to condemn more? u have your law, stick to it. do whatever you want to follow the law. no need to condemn more. u think LGBT supporters are already adults so u cant brain wash them, so now u wanna start young eh? great, teaching the young ones how to judge people. 

no wonder nowadays i hear people prefer their children to be home schooled. 

"The sexuality rights festival, which would have seen the hosting of forums, theatre, musical performances and movie screenings, was branded by the mainstream media as a "sex party for the LGBT community".>"

sex... party... for LGBT... where? i wanna go oso! i wanna see! how come i dont know wan? u know why i dont know? cos there is none. the so-called sex party was held by a pool side and it was just normal get-together between lesbians. just that some pain in the ass reporter 'dived' in and start writting crap to publish. and i wasnt there cos i was in the mood of being anti-social at that moment. 

i wonder... 2020 is coming. how to maju with this kinda ruling? ppffttt...


what gaydar? it's malfunctioned more than the chances of u striking 4d. 

what tight clothings? so the superheroes are all gays?? *gasps!*

what distancing from other women? since dont like men and women already, might as well be alone for the rest of our sad freaking lives? 

oh. why dont say lesbians likes cats too? afterall, we got a saying single lesbians grows old with cats. i prefer dogs tho. 


u know how to spot lesbians or gays? 
only one way; dont judge 
and know them sincerely. they are human too just like all of u. 
at the end, it is not about them being lesbians or gays. its just them as an individual. 

no one knows im a lesbian until i started dated women. eventually people will start asking me if my partner is a guy or girl. i would answer proudly, its a girl. because, we as LGBT, are humans too. if u judge who am i, to me, simple. screw you. i have better things to be worried about than you judging my life. if u have so much time to judge, why not judge ur own life first?


vote wisely guys... this is your kid's education and future we're talking about. 

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