Friday, July 13, 2012

Mezzo Nail & Hair Saloon ACADEMY

I actually made myself face the sad truth about those websites selling deals since the early beginning when i started to purchase all these.

Being guinea pigs. White mice.

Like how unknown restaurants having this deal thing, and when you went, the food ended up worst than stuffs in a trash can?

I seriously don’t mind all that, cos they didn’t say the food is superb good and fantastic nor the food is sick. It’s all at your own willingness to experiment your taste buds.

We purchased this deal from for my hair. It is time to do rebonding cos my hair is all curly and ugly alre.

Made my appointment and I went, of cos.

First I went to the one on the ground floor. Oh… I forgot to mention. The salon is Mezzo Nail & Hair Saloon. Then they said, this coupon, I have to go to the first floor. Bad feeling struck.

The one on the first floor is Mezzo Nail & Hair Saloon ACADEMY.

I was being seated down at the first seat. With the typical salon chair we always sit in, just that in that stuffy environment. That place is SO DAMN PACKED that human can hardly move freely.

Student A trimmed my hair. I don’t know how to evaluate, Bii told me she wanted to chop that guy.

Student trimmed my hair. My hair is being touched by the students!!! The coupon stated will be done by Senior Stylist!!! 

Normally priced at RM200, this DEAL includes with a choice of either Hair Colour or Rebonding or Hair Perm or Highlight, professionally done by senior stylist. 

The first cream apply was ok. Just applied on the roots and the length that is needed. Applied by 2 students. Fine.

After I have sat and wait and it is time to rinse. After he completed rinsing the first cream off… He APPLIED CONDITIONER on my hair.

OK. Those who don’t know how rebonding works.
1, First cream is to weakened the hair.
2, Rinse, then iron is to get the hair shape.
3, Second cream is to get its shape, that’s why need to make the hair weak and then get the shape and then set it.


After he finished rinsing my hair, I’m then being sat in an area full of mannequin heads. =.=”
It feels like I’m being placed in their class and I am a live mannequin to play with.

Blow hair… Iron hair… Then applied the second cream. Student B asked, “just now when I rinse, I apply conditioner, ok or not wan ah?” I was thinking, “and I thought u didn’t know its wrong”. BUT, Student A did not say anything.


At this point of time, u must be thinking im still seating in this…

You can dream till the cows come home. I was being seated on THIS!

The black one! OMG!

Imagine, 2 damn hours on that chair. My butt is enough flat, and now… I cant find my butt.

Throughout the process, they were not being monitored at all.

The coupon price paid, RM52.50. Check this out! 

LoL! I never felt so cheated before in my frigging entire life! 
1, they didnt state it is an ACADEMY
2, they said professionally done by senior stylist but it was done unprofessionally by students
3, did the steps wrongly
4, being sat with mannequins felt like i am a mannequin myself. 
5, paid rm52.50 for something only cost rm30. niamapuki. 

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