Monday, June 25, 2012

Caffeinees, Jalan Kampung Pandan

Had nice evening dinner with Bii and Jessi. Bii drove us there cos she went there before. 

The price are pretty OK for an ambient like that. We picked to sit outside cos all of us are smokers. Its quite and relaxing. Perfect to just have a tea and do some readings.  


Love the sauce...

Mushroom Soup

The soup is not bad. You can taste lots of mushroom! What i don't like about it is, the mushrooms are too fine. I prefer in chunks. :P

Ice Lemon Tea

Irish Coffee

Erm... Something Caribbean Sauce Chicken Chop.. =.="

OH EM GEE! I frigging love the sauce! The sauce is very special. Mash potato is pretty OK. 

Salmon Fettuccine with that carribean sauce.  

*saliva drips again*

Blurberry Cheesecake


I love the tiramisu here. cos this is my first time having tiramisu with lotsa alcohol in it! :D

guilty for being an alcoholic. T.T

I dont know if i should call that crust, but the texture is more like bread to me and it is soaked. yes, i said SOAKED with alcohol... 

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