Monday, May 21, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 - The BlurCo Experience

ok. i know i am wayyyyy superrrrr late for this post.  :P

if it is not bcos of Bersih 2.0, i would have zero knowledge about our lovely government.

sure, i always say i love malaysia but hate the government. we all knew our government is crap. but then, before all these, what were we doing? follow only la~ its ok wan~ tidak apa~

but Bersih 2.0 has definitely brought a lot of people's awareness, mine included. and that's why Bersih 3.0's crowd was massive!

but Ju said this, "more crowd, more violence"

cant help but agreeing before the whole rally.


so i've packed everything the night before. salt, good morning towels, water, etc. macam preparing ourselves to war. lol. one of the LYN fella whatsapp'ed me saying, if i dun kena anything den damn loser. hahaha!

bersih 3.0

for what? this is what... :D

i actually woke up late. well... i actually took things for granted. knowing that jessy will call me up when she is on the way to fetch grace. and no, i didnt ask her to wake me up at all... haha... and she did called me.

woke up and got ready.

then jessy picked me up and we headed to bkt jalil station to meet up with her cousin and his friends. we actually felt safer going with a bunch of guys. we are indeed well taken care of. :)

group pict before we left bkt jalil.

at the station, i saw a lot of people, who are obviously there for the same reason. just that we dont ask, dont say. its all understood... macam secret mission that everybody knows. =.="

on the way to plaza rakyat.

panorama shot while walking to reggae restaurant

when we reached kl. i can feel a little bit of festive feeling in it alre. but jessy's cousin said, wait till later when you will feel goosebumps. lol...

lunchie here~

we stopped by at reggae restaurant for brunch. before we faint during the rally. lol... avoid drinking water tho cos scared cannot find toilet. =.="

notice the my different baju? ya. i decided to go yellow instead. although it is actually a digi baju. :P

another group picture before the fun~

walking towards central market

and the fun begins. 

people singing negaraku. all the chanting. the real feeling of 1 malaysia. people gave speeches which i have totally no idea who. (yes. i am ignorant that way) and i cant see anything! when i said "sucks being short", a few ppl actually looked at me and laughed. =.="

when we were at central market, i met up with a fella from LYN. i also knew jason and jimmy was there. and of cos the crowd was so massive that i didnt meet up or bump into jason and jimmy. 

march starts

we walked, hand in hand. afraid of getting lost. the weather was damn hot. but it really doesnt matter cos we were actually having fun instead of a pressured aggressive rally.

yerrow angry bird. lol~

auntie bersih

all stuck

we actually got stuck at masjid jamek. all the cheering~ omg~ jessy's cousin was right~ the goosebumps!

we then walked a little bit to tun perak (dont know if im right or not cos i suck at KL roads), we rest there. sat, drank, smoked, cheered, laughed, chanted... basically i enjoyed being in the crowd. 

i am not a crowd person. 


i actually enjoyed myself being there... 

at the end, we decided to walk back to plaza rakyat and call it a day. but when we reached plaza rakyat, the station was closed. so we were hanging there a while deciding what to do next. to walk to another station, or to just get a cab straight. 

and then...

we saw everybody running downwards... like... stampede. of. people... running...

then it hit us... tear gassed. 


amazingly, my eyes are ok. holding on to the cloth i have with me, people start offering salt. salt poured on my cloth, another person poured water on my cloth. grace prepared salt in small packets instead which came in handy to just put it in our mouth. cloth covered our nose and mouth. 

a picture to show that our experience is COMPLETE... 

still deciding what to do, another rush of stampede came, and we alre knew what happened. and we quickly decided to walk to hang tuah station. and we walked towards the direction nearer to those gas... 

oh boy. that sucked. 

my eyes went a little teary. and I CANT BREATHE! i was practically gasping for air. the small packets of salt that really came in handy apparently wasnt enough. so i took out the small tupperware of salt and use it instead. 

while walking, from my teary eyes, looking at the people around me. 

they all looked... 


but at the same time, people kept offering salt, offering water... an uncle even offered 'miracle water' from taiwan. i didnt try it but apparently if soothes the eyes almost immediately. 

that walk, was a nightmare for me. i cant breathe that i almost fainted. that walk... requires to walk UPHILL! omg! 

reached hang tuah and the crowd was SUPER crazy! luckily for touch n go, we passed that crowd. took the train, back to bkt jalil. 

after all that i have experienced LIVE, i realised i actually didnt wanna face the ugly reality by seeing the ugly side of the rally. people posting up videos of violence during the rally at the other side of KL... i never watch a single negative video about the rally. 

call me naive but, i actually felt warmth... the really truly 1 malaysia warmth. 

the next morning, i came across this video...

i cried... 

and yet... we still call this country... Malaysia...

Our Home...


Jessy said...

Abang is my cousin, not brother in law! since when do i have a sister?

stampede = ppl rushing and stepping on one another. there wasnt any stampede

BlurCo said...

oops... edited

bagaikan stampede... ppl are running down~!! macam stampede. scary.