Thursday, April 12, 2012

Xperia Smart Tag

now that i have done showing off my phone, next... im gonna show off the Xperia Smart Tag. one of the features that attracted me.

in fact, Maxis has already started using this NFC (Near Field Communication) technology called Maxis FastTap

anyways, this is the video that i saw that got me curious... after all, getting a new gadget means exploring new things for me. ngeks...

so my box came with red n black tag. 

and i switched on my NFC function from settings - wireless & network settings - NFC

and started scanning the tag...

it prompted with the settings right away...i can name the tag accordingly like red is for home and black is for office. 

n then set what function needed to activate or launch accordingly. 

if i've set wrongly or i wanna add any other function on the tag, i just need to launch the LiveWare Manager and edit it. 

oh... once i scanned the tag, the SmartTag function will be added automatically in the LiveWare Manager. 

however, i find it inconvenient when i add activate GPS and launch Waze at the same time. cos when activating the GPS, i will automatically prompt with agreeing the data consumption thingie. and before i can activate it properly, Waze alre popped up. sighs... 

other than that, overall it is very convenient. like when i got home, it activates my wifi, off my gps and launch my alarm app so that i wont forget to on my alarm for the next day. and 1 i put it on my car, to turn on the volume to loud and turn off the wifi. well, u dont need to use wifi in the car wat. and i still dont know how to counter the switching on gps issue. bleh... 

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