Sunday, April 8, 2012

Street Dance 2


*koff koff...


the latest movie i've watched. Street Dance 2.

i only have 3 words for it.

HOT... HOT... and HOT...

or maybe it is just because salsa dancing is always full of passion and sexeh... *slurps.

did i mentioned salsa? haha... yea... it has salsa in it.

this is Sofia Boutella. main actress. and my jaw always drop whenever she hits the floor. especially the salsa battle rounds.

another girl caught my eye was Elisabetta Di Carlo. at first i think she looked like Amy Winehouse. and the other thing is... her tattoos! so nice!!!

the movie overall i think its only the dancing scenes are great. others are just... meh... step up and step up 2 style. story line of cos it is predictable. so it is a no go to hit the cinemas. not worth it.

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