Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sony Xperia S

Sony's very first phone after removing Ericsson from the previously well known "Sony Ericsson".

Please, this is not a professional review, ok?

I made my decision to get this phone the night before I bought it. 

A lot people asked me, what attracts me so much that I decided to buy this phone? 

I was reading the specification on Sony Mobile. The first thing that attracts me was the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Dual Core processor. I know I know… what so great about it? HTC One X has Quad Core… Well… I don’t know. I guess a girl being a girl, the design still comes first? Haha… then the 12mp camera.  And then it says it comes with reality display with Mobile Bravia Engine. I seriously have no freaking idea wat is it actually. :X

Then I watched a few videos in youtube and I was fascinated that it can connect to the TV and control it using the TV’s remote control! And also with the smart tags! 

I bought this phone from a shop in SS15. Applied a screen protector for me and even cut my SIM card. I started using immediately. 

When I got home only I start to explore more in depth. 

The box comes with a charger, car charger, HDMI cable, Livesound hi-fi headset, 2x Xperia Smart tags and manuals and what not… 

The UI that comes with it is nice, but I am still a sucker for GO Launcher. So here’s my main screen. 

And the games I’ve downloaded. At the moment, I am addicted with o2jam and HeavenHell! One Way Racing is fun when I play on TV. Lol… 

Photography stuffs I use. Any other recommendations? 

Some social media stuffs. 

I dont know why there's a line and I dont think it is phone defect. its the theme... =.="

So… I’ve been using this phone for about 3 weeks now. So far I have not encounter any issues with it. But what I read from LYN, some users having some yellow tint on the screen. Other than that, no other complains. Except ppl keep saying about battery keep draining. Which it wasn’t a shocker to me. You get new phone, u tend to play more with it. So logically, battery drains faster. Some said, as you charge few times, it will drain slower. But to me, as you charge, meaning you are using the phone lesser and lesser cos slowly nothing much to explore/play with, then battery consumption is lesser… 

At first when I got the phone, it got me thinking, maybe when they said it can connect to the TV and control it is with Sony TVs only. But no~ I tried connecting to my Panasonic Viera and it works perfectly fine! Just that the HDMI cable they provided is a bit too short. So when I wanna play game, I have to sit damn near the TV la. Which at the end I didn’t… too near d. =.=” 

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