Monday, April 9, 2012

Queen of dilly dally

yep... thats me. 

woke up today and wanted to run my banking errands. so i took my own sweet time to get ready. its... really really really ownnn sweet time. :D

can even cam whore... haha!

its been a long time since i last cam whored ok. i just didnt hv the mood to cam whore all of a sudden. 

so by the time im done... 

it started to hujan anjing n kucing. T.T

so i continue staying at home. i cant watch tv or online cos my grandma demanded me to turn them off cos of the thunder n lightning... T.T

so i oni can play with my phone... 

until the rain subside... i drove out to citta mall. 

sat at chawan, blog, drink and rot. 

ling chee kang sucks here. and the cucur udang sucks too. they should just call it cucur tepung. =.="

waiting for jessica to come over and head for dinner. 

something happy tho, bak kut teh on a rainy day is always a happy thing. haha! :D

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