Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Friday

i always do things without thinking much. not a good thing. but up till now, i have not regretting selling off my BB and got this phone. 

when i got to know the stock arrived to this particular shop that me n MrV went before, almost immediately i post up n fb and also started a thread in LYN. and almost immediately, someone called me. mind you, i posted the ad up at 1am, and the guy called me at 1am something. =.=" 

but no, end up i did not deal with that 1am guy. 

the next morning, i received a few sms asking about my BB. 1 guy asked me to go all the way to putrajaya. =.=" 1 guy said he can come all the way to subang but wanted discount. i gave a lil and we met up in subang parade. 

before meeting him, i stopped by at the shop in ss15 to get the phone first. after he put the screen protector, cut my SIM card (yea. micro sim liao), paid, headed to subang parade.

at first i was lazy to park my car so i asked him to hop in my car to check on the device. after he paid and everything, i remembered, im suppose to make a stamp for MrV. so i parked in subang parade anyways and walked around. the stamp, unfortunately, will take a long time to be done. so out of the question. 

headed to parkson to look for a pouch for my new phone. when i was walking in, i bumped into sktan. she was working there that day. then went up to the ladies department to look for the pouch. dont hv. but... i got myself a purse instead. =.=" 

while i was about to pay for the purse, i bump into andrew yong! omg! how many thousand years i havent seen him alre! 

went down to have a drink with sktan before i headed to proton service centre to collect the claim form for MrV. 

when i arrived, they told me the form wasnt ready, so i waited quite long there. they dont even have a folder for me to put the form. sighs... stupid. later the paper berkedut-kedut la... =.="

went home and nap a while. then i went to do my banking errands, and headed to seremban to pass the forms to him so that he and his dad can sign it. and came back to KL... 

saturday was pretty simple. i played my phone WHOLE day. haha! then met up with daph n fionne for dinner and went seremban to collect the claim form. this time round, i dapao'ed his fav grassjelly with taro balls for him. 

i rounded so many times in ss15 for parking and failed! :(
ended up i double parked, and wrote on a paper [016-xxxxxxx. went dapao in snowflake. please wait. sorry]
luckily no one wanted to leave when i got back to the car. *phew*

sunday, work. :( 

there goes my weekend~ 

ohh! and also! mom's doggie ran away... :(
she did the usual thing she always did when she comes home. which is, she will release the dog out for it to mind her own business. then, that day, i dont know which idiot decided to play with fireworks. and the poor dog sure got frightened la. and ran away. :(
i rounded around my area, dont hv. i rounded the area behind my house, oso dont hv. nowadays whenever i go home, i will keep an eye around. until now, not seen. 
mom alre cried in front of my twice. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I cant sleep again! Goshh...

MrV has gone home for good and its been abt a week now. Last week itself I've drove twice there to see him just for a little while. Well, it's alre sufficient for me d la. Hehe...

As for me, still the same ol me. Work home work home. Can my life be even more lifeless?

I dunno what to type anymore. Out of ideas n inspiration. The reason im here now is bcos im bored. Bored of growing mushrooms on myself...

Monday, March 12, 2012

happy happy~

ok la. i was damn happy last week. and didnt expect it to continue until this week. haha...

last week from monday until thursday, a lot ppl say i lose weight. :D

and then... today another friend whom i met up last saturday said i lose weight. :D :D

actually i didnt do much oso. i just lose my appetite at first due to some relationship distruption. lol...

and then from then, i just continue wat i did.

basically, just cut down food intake and no sweet drinks.

should be blogging about PD instead but... lazy to edit piccies... mayb will blog about it today lah. cos im in an awesome mood!

oh! MrV's 1st day in new hosp! finally he managed to get the transfer out. ^^