Friday, February 24, 2012

Sick week...

My week sucks.

Monday was on midnite shift. 10 mins before my shift ends on Tuesday, I started to go toilet. Diarrhoea.

Office, twice.

Then after work, went and pick MrV up for breakfast. He was just done with his on call.

We're pretty disappointed cos the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, so we went to some random kopitiam and boy the noodle sucked.

Then, another round at the restaurant...

We then headed back to subang. Went and see the dr.

Few more rounds at home. :(

Went mamak with lynn n justin.

Another round. -.-"

It was nice catching up with her. Gosh... Its been ages since I last saw them!

Wednesday came, morning shift. The diarrhoea slowed down.

Thursday it stopped.


Today... It came back.


I knw. I'm disgusting talking abt my diarrhoea. I never had diarrhoea for the whole week long!! That's crazy!

Ok. I'm disgusted with myself too. I shall stop.
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Unknown said...

Great weight lost plan.... :D