Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emo nite

I realised only few posts ago, I was being emo. And now I am in emo mood again.

I don't knw why. I blame it on my self esteem issues. I blame it on my self confidence issue. I blame it on myself. I'm blaming it on pms too tho.

Stupid mood swings...

I blog lesser now. I don't knw what to blog abt anymore. No inspiration. No life. As if my life is not interesting anymore. Sighs...

Today, I felt like crying. Since once I woke up. Emo level 100%. But end up I didn't. Just tears filled up my eyes and that's it.

No. Noone bullied me at work. Work is fine.

Then I came home. Showered. And watched tv alone. Comedy series. N I didn't laugh a single bit.

Ended up, I switch it off and try to sleep. But here I am, blogging on my BB.

So difficult to make myself happy anymore. Where's the old me?
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