Tuesday, January 17, 2012

so many things...

... so little time!

i got so many things to blog which i dont know what to blog first! and i got a lot of back logged stuffs i wanna blog. but then now i dont feel like blogging it alre cos it is wayyyyy toooooo longggg agoooooo!!!


anyhowsss, noelle was in town!

ok. not the first time. the previous trip she was with chris, eve and cheryl. yay! met new ppl again. nice bunch! but that time we just had dinner at jalan alor and thats it.

and silly chris and eve left their passports at the hotel. lucky enough, jessy was going to singapore on the same day itself. so she helped them collected their passports (and their bbpooh's passport too), and then drove to the customs. and then all 4 of them was still there! so they forced themselves into the small little kancil with all the luggages and went in to singapore. =.="

oh... no. out of topic liao...

so, noelle was in town since wednesday. but she was here for the company's kick off. and then she extended her stay here starting from saturday noon until monday. and then she is flying off on tuesday.

saturday she came to my office to meet me up after my work. we went for snow beer in cheras with abbie and nikie. after that we headed to enigma in tmn desa. initially, was thinking to bring her to words chat. but abbie said its closed alre. :( we went enigma. ordered the 1st 2 jugs and shared 4 of us. after that we ordered another 2 jugs and only me and noelle drank.

after finishing the jugs, pack my stuffs frm home and went for lok lok in sunway. and then headed back to hotel. and by the time we reached the hotel, it was alre 4am.

the next day, we went straight to sunway pyramid and had bubba gump for late lunch. and boyy... the lunch was heavy! both of us was sooo full until we cant even move!

we walked ard pyramid. until noelle was having headache. we wanted to watch movie but the timing is out cos MrV is coming back to KL ard the same time the movie starts. so we ended in haagen dazs instead. we had ice cream and smoked until i recv MrV's msg stating that he is on the way from his sister's place. so we made a move back to my house to pick him up.

all 3 of us were in the car. all 3 of us couldnt eat anymore. so all 3 of us ended up watching real steel in mid valley. yaaa!!! real steel is still showing in mid valley!!

after movie, we sent noelle back to the hotel, and we went home and zzz.

on monday, is a little more eventful cos woke up slightly earlier.

of cos, in the morning, MrV will go to work. and then i continue sleep a while and got up. started msg everyone what is the dinner plan like. took shower and dilly dally a lil and then headed out to pick noelle up.

1st stop was dim sum in ss2.

2nd stop, we went karaoke from 1pm to 3pm! omg! its only rm8! my cheapest karaoke session in my entire life so far! but the sound system sucks. to. the. max.

3rd stop was yu kee bak kut teh in ss14. she die die oso wanna eat bak kut teh. =.="

4th stop was in pyramid. again. cos she wanna buy some krispy kreme and planet popcorn back to singapore.

5th stop was at MrV's work place to pick him up.

6th stop was at the mamak near nikie's place.

7th stop was at nikie's place to have a quick shower. i tell u.... the weather is sooo damn hot! at least after shower. felt better. dun feel so agitated. :P

8th stop was at wang chiew restaurant in ss2.

9th stop was at the hotel. sending noelle back and checked with the reception on the transportation to KLIA.

bid farewell and then...

10th stop. home sweet home. and MrV is snoring now. hehe~

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