Thursday, January 5, 2012


Just updated my private blog with tons of emo stuffs. Emo, at the beginning of the year. How wonderful is that?

Something to look fwd to would be this weekend's cherating trip! Nope. Not ruby's this time. Bought a deal from groupon last year. So we r gonna have a early of the year vacay. I'll be sleeping alone! Good is, I hv the room to me self. Bad is, I wonder will I freak out and end up not getting any sleep or not. :(

I shall continue rolling in my bed ber-emo-ing.

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Khian said...

Dunno if I remember it wrongly, but did you give me the link to your private blog before?

BlurCo said...

i think i deleted it alre. and got another private blog. lol...

haihya. sad stuffs i usually type out. den delete it wan. :P