Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY 2012

well, a little gentle warning. lotsa pictures ahead... 

21 jan

2nd lou sang~ 

the CNY feel for this year started on the night before the reunion dinner. we had our pre-reunion dinner in subang parade with the 4th uncle and auntie with of cos my cousinss... 

granny being camera shyy... lol... 

MrV is back to Ayer Tawar with his siblings the same morning and i practically rot my day awaiting watching big bang theory until dinner time. and i thought by staying at home being on stand by is useful. =.=" 

called my 4th uncle and aunt for dinner and after dinner, we walked around in subang parade. well, parkson closed pretty late and i got myself a pair of jeans! yay! (its really difficult for me to buy clothes so im just being excited. :D)

granny and cousin wilson

 fortune cookie from japanese colleague, chie-san 

22 jan


the next day, i had to work morning shift. so the earlier preparation, i didnt manage to snap any picts. when i got home, freshen up a lil and waited for the rest to come. 


i think this would be the 2nd year we made steamboat for reunion dinner. well... its easy. easy to prepare and easy to clean up. and watever we cant finish, we keep and use for next meal. or even can use them to cook maggi mee...

 MrV's fav. ^^


kinboy being all excited with all my aunts and uncles and cousins over. he was soo busy that night looking and following ppl in and out. and look at the face! smiling all night long!


other than steamboat, we cannot not have my grandma's best dish. braised pork with sea cucumber. and rice...   

cousins diggin in...  

wilson attempting to pop the bottle without hurting anyone... lol... 

sparkling juice... yums... 

lucky draw...

we have this tradition every reunion dinner. as dessert, we will have soya with tong yuin. and in all of it will have red bean fillings. only one with chocolate filling. we will all chip in some cash to feed the ang pao. whoever who ate the chocolate filling will be the lucky one taking the ang pao... 

and the lucky one this year is cousin tracy. 

23 jan

the usual 1st day of cny, all of us will be in jinjang, kepong. surprisingly, we are the only family this year. no idea where are the rest. there goes my ang pao collection. :P 

again, i am working morning shift. right after my shift, i apps'ed bernard and joann, and they were like. "no, we havent even left subang yet!" =.="" which is good! cos it means i didnt missed out much. hehe... 

once i arrived, they started with their manicure mini bar... after that, gambled a few rounds and we took our dinner. the leftovers from the steamboat the night before. 

well, while we were having our dinner, grandma merajuk'ed a lil. she said we were fighting for food like we never eat for a long time. which made ALL of us went 'huh?!' ended up, all the grandchildren went in the room one by one to pujuk her. and... failed miserably... =.="

after that, she fell asleep, we continued our dinner and more gambling and she was ok all over again! 

obviously, grandma didnt have dinner. so once we reached subang, we went for mamak so that she can eat something before heading home. not that we didnt keep any food for her but she keep pushing ALL of us away from the room. 

headed home, and i slept like a pig. 

ok. below will have lotsa yada yada yada... just wanna keep note on what was i up to during cny. 

24 jan

MrV is back~ had dinner with him and his brother and headed home. nothing much on that day tho... 

25 jan

had dinner with mom, aunt and grandma in ss15. i guess it is bcos of the crowd, the food was just so so... but then it was nice... ^^

after dinner, went over to auntie jane's place. ah wei bought something back from ipoh and wanted to pass some to grandma so we went over and collect them. 

26 jan 

hrm. nothing much. finish noon shift and headed home. the silly boy slept all the way. =.="

27 jan

went over to jess's place for steamboat dinner. and gambled and boy we laughed a lot while gambling. we played 'in between'. and i almost died from heart attack. ok. over exaggerated. but close enough. 

it was nice seeing jess and von again. :)

28 jan

MrV went back first and rest... and slept all the way again. while i was at work. then picked him up to settle some old habit. smoke. drove ard and drove to usj19... and went home for dinner... 

29 jan

i hv to stay back for the 2 hrs i took off early on 27th. so i have to work till 12am. MrV is on-call tonight. which means, i'll be sleeping alone tonight. T.T 

cant wait till tmrw! wheeeeeeeeeee~~ ^^ 

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