Saturday, December 31, 2011


was having breakfast with MrV this morning and he asked if i have the habit of having new year resolutions.

before this, i have none. didnt bother to do any. even if there is, it is small kicimiao stuff. maybe thats why it seemed like i do not have any target. hrm...

let's try for 2012 and see how many of them i can achieve at the end of 2012...

1, get a job in SG

2, learn to cook/bake/make something. maggi mee not included.

3, pamper myself more. massages, facials, spas, hair treatments etc etc. ^^

4, repaint my room and re-deco it. unpack all my stuffs... im sleeping in like somewhat a store room. hehe...

5, travel at least once overseas. wherever... just get out of msia.

6, go for health check and see the dentist. i think the last i went to a dentist was in primary school. *hides*

7, get myself a dog. and i wonder what will be my grandma's reaction. :P

8, get either a better laptop or a desktop.

9, be more positive and stop thinking too much nonsensical stuffs.

10, make more time for myself and for MrV. ^^

11, save more marnee! *kachingg~*

12, x'mas eve or NYE bbq at home. may look like "whats the big deal" but to organise it at my own home, is a challenge.

12 months, with 12 items.


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