Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas and 2011 recaps

it is xmas eve and i am spending it in the office working midnite shift.

and just 1 more week, we will be entering 2012. and about 3 weeks ago was my birthday. and how samson always tell me :-


how time flies, just early this yr i got myself out from a closeted straight rship away from an asshole. funny how that sounds. i am out and proud when i was dating girls but closeted when dating a guy. and then turns out without realizing, i was the 3rd party.

but its ok, what is lost reminded me i am surrounded with great friends. they constantly kept me occupied so that i wont do silly things. 1 of them uses the same words i scolded her b4 on me. hehe... what goes around comes around. the chain smoking sessions. the comforting words... thank u...

then came the unfateful event. the japan earthquake. the event affects the subsea cables, and i could say it was critical. team leads and team manager having sleepless nights to restore the service. while working all the overtime, i keep following the news online. and i was surprised by how the japanese went through the whole ordeal. and the tweets i came across somehow felt warm and touching.

 was torn between phone and finally got myself my first blackberry all thanks to jessy. ^^

*goes through my blog for interesting stuffs but found out my life is indeed boring. T.T*

ahhh... i was drunk until i didnt lock the door and left my car keys in the car. hahahaa! i still cant believe i did that! i blame on the stupid traffic jam. seriously. i could have reach home earlier and all that wont happen. but then again, if that didnt happen, i wont be able to look back at my blog entries and laugh at myself. haha!

subang empire gallery exploded~ up till now, they said it was not the gas leakage. oh well...

meeting noelle for the 1st time... like finally. =.=" and she is coming again next week, and also in january. wow... january will be packed! haha!

3rd break-in... :( well... nevermind that. *sighs

met someone for the 1st time :P and i just realised he commented one of my post b4. well, that is if it is really him la.

won LCD TV during annual dinner!!! :D :D

ok. i just realised it was not an eventful year. T.T

mayb it was but i forgot to blog about it and now i forgot everything about it. urgh...

may my 2012 be an eventful one! :D

and i MUST hav the blogging habit to remember them!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! 

dont be naughty~ *grins*

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