Friday, December 23, 2011


... to Audrey and Timothy.

Audrey is an average girl whom i know from back in high school. 1st impression back then was she is geeky. yea. thick glasses and all that. from one of the top classes if im not mistaken. not to mention, short. :P she is indeed fourfeetnine. i never knew about them till jessy told me about those cyber world rumor thingie. i never followed tim's blog b4. until i got to know that he is dating someone from my high school. since then, i followed his blog as well.

until recent yrs, we chatted a bit about this girl we used to know back in high school. not a good experience for both of us. but that girl somehow stopped bugging me. hrm... not sure if she still bugs her tho. haha~

throughout the stalking (yes. i call blog readers stalkers. so i am a stalker too, i admit), i find them ridiculously cute together. cute terms of endearment like shorty and wombeh. cute encounters... just cute.

i was going through my twitter that day tim proposed. i seldom go through my twitter and when i saw tweets saying congrats to both of them. i dont know why i got so happy. as if im the one who is getting proposed to. =.="

this is the thing. reading people's blog somehow i feel like, i am following their ups and downs. and to hear this good news, and what more an ex high school mate. im happy for her.

once again, congrats aud and tim. may both of u have another brand new wonderful chapter together.

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