Tuesday, November 29, 2011

packed weekend!

it was a mad mad weekend.

i shall start from friday...
after my midnite shift, i decided to zombie-fy myself. went breakfast with SC at Famous Seremban Favourites in Aman Suria. i had the sudden crave for wan tan mee and char siew. *slurps*

after that we went over to Mutiara Dsara. from the curve, we walked to tesco where SC stocked up his "mini mart" with milk and milo... =.=" went back to the curve to leave the stuffs in the car, and then headed to ikea to walk ard... and then had tutti frutti at the curve. they got red velvet there! ^^
we then went over to e@curve to walk ard to have a look at BB 9810. in the midst of brainwashing him to get a BB. :P

headed back to his place and freshen up a bit. and then dropped him off at empire subang while i head home to sleep for my midnite shift.

told u i wanted to zombie-fied myself. :P

saturday morning itself, went for mcd breakfast and then headed home to sleep.

went dinner with the girls at hoho steamboat in kota dsara. and then went for movies in e@curve. puss in boots! so cute!
O.O "ooooooo"
went for mamak session a while near nikie's house before we call it a night.

sunday came with food madness!
woke up at 8am on an offday is really not my thing. :( but, it was all worth it.
my alarm went off at 8am and minutes later, the girls start to spam the bbm group chat. which means, i do not need to wake jessy up anymore.

got ready and waited for jessy to come over and we all went in 1 car. we headed downtown! met up with abbie, nikie and henry and the food journey begins...

1st stop was at petaling street. the red sauced chee cheong fun. then we walked over to a stall selling mua chi. the mua chi is nice! they got lots of flavors! i picked ribena and lychee. ^^ but then u can mix all in 1.

we walked to this hidden place where they sell more food. although it is hidden, but they are quite packed! i ordered assam laksa, and they ordered curry laksa and chee cheong fun. and guess what, SC sapu'ed habis the assam laksa. :P

while walking back to get our cars, we bought mata kucing. yums~ tho i can have it in MV, but still. yum~ ^^

we then headed back to PJ for our early lunch at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. SC dapau'ed and went off cos need to work. and nikie didnt join us after the chicken rice session as she got appointment with her lecturer.

impromptu trip to genting! and i was in shorts. =.=" jessy was in shorts AND sleeveless top. =.="""

we did some window shopping and had herbal tea egg.

while we were going down hill, we stopped by gohtong jaya to have my ever beloved claypot dong fun. not everyday u get to eat this ok? and it is damn nice! :D we also had 'mao san wong' durian!

we went back KL and picked nikie up from her place and we went for bak kut teh in Sg Buloh. and while on our way back to nikie's place, we had durian...

now the question is :- michelle? durian? seriously?! =.="

ya. i dunno why i ate durian...

pictures later la. lazy to edit now.

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