Friday, November 25, 2011

How many of you...

is confused between below examples :-

save n safe
bare n bear
your n you're
their n they're
break n brake
than n then
desert n dessert
borrow n lend

well, not to say my English is fantastic. I admit my English sucked... but just that sometimes i see people use the wrong word, especially your and you're. heck, there's even once i was confused to use bear or bare. T.T  told u my English isnt that great and i am not afraid admitting it.

so what other english words confuses you?

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Redmelati said...

their/they're, it's/its, your/you're I never have any problem with these. Maybe because English is not my first language, so when I write I actually translate it in my mind beforehand. So when I wrote down you're, my mind is actually thinking "you are".

But desert/dessert always confuses me. I know desert = gurun but the word dessert never stick well in my mind. I have to think twice before write the word. haha...