Saturday, November 5, 2011

Be One

sorry for lack of updates and also im sick of saying sorry for not updating often enough. hehe...

just want to share something that caught my ears recently.

i always got the habit of waiting for all the TVB drama episode to show then only i will watch them. but recently my mom must watch it and then i got poisoned by it. bleh... talk about lack of detemination. T.T

so, i was watching 法證先鋒 III (Forensic Heroes III), and then i realised one of the song is quite relaxing and catchy. after searching high and low... i finally found where to download the song! downloaded it and uploaded it to my hulkshare account instead. :P

Greg Hartwell & Marc Lane - Be One

and the best thing is, i even manage to find the lyrics. :P

enjoy~ ^^

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