Saturday, November 5, 2011

88 BBQ Steamboat, Klang

it was a rainy day when we decided to have bbq steamboat. this is something like the ever well-known restoran talipon. the restaurant is located in klang so it was quite a journey there. well, travel just for food sometimes is just what we do. hehe...

we arrived to the destination without getting lost. it was my first time there but the girls went there before. that's why they insisted to bring me there.

the variety of sauce, in my opinion is kinda limited. but i only take the sweet sauce, so it is actually fine with me.

as for the variety of food, i would say it is so so only. but given for that kinda location and price. it is acceptable. oh... not forgetting, they have swimming live shrimps! catch them yourself and watch them jump in the hot boiling soup!

drinks and ice cream is also free flow.

i like their chicken. if my memory doesnt fail me, i think it is lemon chicken. i went and refill my plate again and again!

i like the way they pack the butter. just need to poke a hole and walah~ squeeze them like u r squeezing icing on a cake.

there's this samosa look a like thingie which the filling is yam. it is very nice and we keep taking it. if you are willing to drive all the way to klang, this is definitely a recommended place to eat.

as for their service wise, dont expect much from them. all i see are black faces walking around. so be sure to go with a bunch of crazy friends to have your dinner enjoyable. ^^

Address :-

PT21437, Stall 2, Jalan Tiara 1
41150 Bandar Baru Klang,
Selangor MY

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Anonymous said...

Love cooking & eating but dislike the smoke and the oily aftermath.