Sunday, October 16, 2011

Which is worst?

Let's say you are the cashier, which would you prefer?
a, Accepting RM50 for RM1 item
b, Accepting 20 pcs of 5 cents for RM1 item

There was once when I finished work and I only have RM50 note with me, without any choice, I have to pay the guy RM50. and my parking amount was RM11.

*all conversation is in Malay
Rude Bastard (RB): No small change?
Me : No. Sorry.
RB : mumbles mumbles
Me : Look. If I have small change I already pass it to u so that I can leave faster too.
RB : mumbles mumbles
Me : =.="

The above actually happened quite long ago.

Recently, when I was about to pay my parking fee. Again, the amount was RM11. Coincidently, I have a lot of 5 cents I need to get rid of. So I paid RM10 + 20 pcs of 5cents. From a joking face with his colleague, straight away changed to a face as if I have killed his whole family.


So now, I have only RM50 with me again. How now?

It amaze me that I am actually afraid of paying huge amount for something with small amount. Whereby, it shouldn’t even be my fault for paying that amount. Perhaps I just don’t want something happened (like witnessing bad customer service) to ruin my day.

So, tell me. As a cashier, which would you prefer?


N.I.C said...

change. Give me all the 5 or 10 cents you have. I would rather take that than a RM50 for something cheap. Reason? Which is harder to get from the bank? Change or notes? Definitely change because imagine lugging a huge bag of coins just so you have change to give to your customers.

BlurCo said...

NIC, do u run a shop? i am more than willing to go to your shop and give u all the 5 cents i have! :D

Ken Wooi said...

if you pay the cashier big note.. their small change will deplete fast.. then they have to bother the manager for more change.. haha..

BlurCo said...


exactly! so small change is better ma. when i give the 5 cents im thinking like im doing them a favour by giving LOTSA small change. lol! i guess not... bleh.