Tuesday, October 25, 2011


im raging.

today really not a day to mess with me.

pissed. very very pissed!

i went out from my house early. thinking i can reach office early.


i dont know why my windscreen was blur. so i flicked the wiper on and it got worst! i was driving already. so i have to turn back, and go home to wash it off. i used my finger and rubbed the windscreen, it was oily. i dont know how it happened. it was like ALL OVER my damn windscreen.


i was running out of time so i temporary just used water to wash it. yes. wtf was i thinking. oil... wash with water. but it did manage to give me clearer view to drive to work.

but, once i hit that damn federal road... all i see is red lights. yes. brake lights. but its ok. i can drive with a clearer windscreen.

but no...

the rain have to come pouring down suddenly.


and the windscreen became blur again... sighs... then it crossed my mind. i can send my car for car wash in the parking zone later.

and once i reached the parking zone, i headed towards the CARs International. which is in Zone A, P1.

my car wash membership died. which i am expecting to pay the normal price already which is rm15. but then he have to tell me that it is members only. i was like. wtf... i asked him to make this an exception cos i cant really drive with my blur windscreen. then he said need to do the windscreen treatment thing called GP coat. which i did alre less than 1 yr ago. and i remember clearly that the guy who did it for me, whom is from CARs Subang Parade told me it will last more than 1 yr. but the guy in MV told me it only last for half yr. my mind was like 'fuck u la money sucker and cock talker'. i asked if he expects me to drive with that blur oily windscreen. he smiled. asshole.

i walked off. and to meet another disaster. no parking space.

rounded few rounds and parked kinda far from the entrance.

and i was 20 mins late to work.



fantastic. someone lied to me. bad day gone worst! kns.

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Big Cow said...

who the fuck pour oil on your windscreen la????