Wednesday, October 19, 2011

JBL Reference 410

i do not have earphones for my ipod nano and sony mp3 for the longest time. haha... dont ask me why i got both. and i dun intend to sell any one of them. :P 

i decided i wanted to try headphone instead. being a noob with no knowledge at all on brands and models and what not, i seek recommendations from LowYat Forum Headphones topic and at first they suggested AKG K404. But unfortunately, that guy didnt have stocks for it. so, he suggested something else and i went ahead and ordered from him. 

i have received the parcel!

my very first headphone. JBL Reference 410... ~happy~

opened the box, the usuals... warranty card, user guide, and of cos the main character, the headphone. oh... it comes with a pouch thingie...

so small! i was actually worried about the size. yea. i dont read reviews much. more of like... "do first, die later" kinda attitude... hehe... anyways... the size is just perfect! after it is folded and placed in the pouch provided along in the bundle, i still can just put it in my handbag. and mind you, my handbag is full of crap. well... female's bag. what do u expect? 

i've been using it for about a week now. at first i was too gentle on the headphone thinking that's the size. (ok i sound damn stupid now). u really need to pull the sides out cos it is actually retractable! (i sound even more stupid now... haha!) and it is hidden at the top band. 

its pretty tight but i only feel a lil pain after about 2 to 3 hours of using it. 

it has a volume controller as well on it so there is no need to bring out my ipod out to adjust the volume. i specifically request for recommendations on bass headphones so i love the level of bass! last time, i cant tell the difference of low quality (128kbps) songs and better quality (320kbps) songs. either there's problem with my ears or my earphones sucked. and at first i really didnt think that the song quality matters. until i found this website with 2 different quality song to differentiate it... :D

i've tried on a friend's marshall headphones (approx RM450) before and i didnt quite like it because i think that the music is too erm... sharp? when she let me tried on, she let me listened to The Cataracs's Top of the World. at first i just thought maybe headphones are really not my thing. upon getting this JBL Ref 410 (got it at RM230), i tried listening to The Cataracs's Top of the World again. loved it to bits. it made me noticed that it really depends on what your preferences are and seek for the right model to feed your ears need.

overall, im happy with the headphone. i know i sound like a bloody noob. but hey... babies doesnt know how to run once they are borned, u know? *grins*

and thanks to mommy for this very early bday pressie. ^^