Wednesday, October 5, 2011

health check

yup. blogging at god forsaken hours again when i have morning shift.

i cant sleep. i think recently i worry too much. when i keep telling myself that things will sort out by itself, dont know why things just cant get away from my mind.

went for health check today. and of cos they will measure my blood pressure.

"your blood pressure is very high! you're so young! u need to take medication!"

i didnt.

when i was told that, it came to my mind when i was screaming at the top of my lungs until at 1 point, i couldnt breathe. my heart was beating very fast. i suffocated. i almost blacked out.

did i almost got stroke?

if i die now, who would come to my funeral?

after health check, went and collect my car charger that was sent for warranty. then headed to jessi's place whereby she was working from home.

she approached jessi why was i ignoring her... jessi told. and that's it. no more. full stop.

then, i binged. i just want to keep eating. fast for the health check, then 1901's texas ted, then deep fried chicken and fish fingers, hash brown, then dinner, then dinner/supper. all that in just 6 hours.

i wanted to puke.

i need a break and its funny that i cant even afford a get-away...

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Big Cow said...

can ah... we going kluang... then going ipoh then going cherating ma :D