Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yuan Garden Dim Sum House, SS2 PJ

had a great dimsum breakfast with jessi. did a lil catching up with daphne as well. this dim sum restaurant was introduced by daph. and it turns out not bad... :)

pictures overload ahead... :P

the interior of the restaurant.

loads of choices for u to choose from the menu~ ^^

they have the good ol push cart style...

they of cos have chee cheong fun as well. both char siew and shrimp.

they have vegetarian as well. and its really not bad~

this is what they have inside the vegetarian chee cheong fun. ouh... they have mushrooms inside too...

and now all the steamed stuffs. hrm... all the steamed stuffs are not bad. fresh!

pai kuat is not that nice tho. like... no taste...

yu mai~ *hearts*

ahh~ this is a must order!

its banana + shrimp... weird combination but its really nice! ^^V

the egg tart is nice not bad as well... must try. :D

and at last, my favourite and must have. deep fried carrot cake. yums!

No. 58, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya 
Tel: 03-7873 5655


Big Cow said...

it's banana with shrimp =.=" not mango :P

u make me wanna go today =.=" i hate u =.="

BlurCo said...

woops~ edited. :P

Big Cow said...

i cannot delete my comment jor...

Anonymous said...

wow the lotus rice looks really nice!