Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Subang Empire Exploded!

waking up looking in fb to find out that empire had an explosion was quite shocking. but i couldnt read up more cos i had to rush to the office.

knowing there was an explosion in subang was quite a bizzare thing to me. O.O
and i only been there twice. :(
and. yes! it is very new only. empire has been around for only more than 1 year. thats it!

as far as i can remember, i have not slept yet during the explosion. was watching tvb drama. and no, i do not have my earphones on. and as the report says, the explosion can be heard as far as bangsar.

i think im deaf...

anyhow, the explosion happened at approx 3:40am. thank god it happened at that time cos there is not much people at that point of time.

4 people injured, which consists of 2 guards and a couple.

from the articles i have been reading around, the explosion was due to gas piping leakage. the impact was so great that even wisma consplant II was affected as well. but then i read hannahyeah's tweet saying that the cause is not confirmed yet.

we shall wait.

wont blog much about it alre. just click on the links below for clearer insight of the incident.

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