Tuesday, September 20, 2011

shit happens...

... continuously that is. 

so, if u r my close friend, u shud know that my house reno has been completed and i have moved in for quite some time now. and guess what? shitssssssss still happens. 

my room is still in a mess. the only comfort i can find is my bed. 

whenever there is heavy rain, the wall n window in the living room leaks. 

the fucking contractor didnt connect our water piping to the water tank, which we bought a huge one. so there was once when the water supply was cut off due to some ass reason indah water gave. we thought we got back up, turns out, he didnt even connect the piping to the tank. causing us to stink 1 whole bloody night. 

grandma hates the dogs.

sadly, grandma hates my mom. 

and whatever i do that doesnt follow her way, she will say my mom asked me to do so. 

example :-
if i said i dont wanna eat at home, she will say "your mom ask u not to eat at home rite?"
if i delayed giving her the monthly allowance, she will say "your mom ask u not to give me rite?"
if i cook instant noodle, she will say "ya la. u rather eat your mom's instant noodle"
and the list goes on. 

grandma keep saying that it is my mom's stuffs occupied the whole house. sighs... dunno who the fuck pumping such rubbish into my grandma's mind. oh... and the latest accusation, "lan si la. i eat until so old still need to wipe your dog's shit n urine. you got face la u. everybody say why i so sohai help u wipe" 
and mind u, none of us asked her to wipe, its her and her clean freak nature she cannot tahan oni go wipe. 

you know what saddened me the most? whenever i post up picts of the dogs in fb, ppl say we are heartless that we tied the dog up, no freedom for the dog. n what pisses me off is you hv no fucking idea how much we need to go through to keep the dogs alive. 

and the latest shit? 

my mom's car windscreen shattered. 

talk about feng shui... ptui~!

to be continue... 

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Shia Lynn said...

..sigh. its okay... come here *hugs* i understand; i have been having my fair share of shit too. =( my room is leaking too. my mom is giving me shit too.. sigh..its like whatever we do is never enough, but they never think bout us. And we are the sole breadwinner summore.