Sunday, September 25, 2011

Restoran 2008 Snow Beer, Cheras

abbie was craving for the salty pork they have here so we made a impromptu plan here and i wanted to try the snow beer ppl has been talking about. 

the beer is basically like slurpee. beer slurpee. :P 
damn nice if u drink this during hot sunny weather. but we went during night time and it was pretty hot that nite too so to have this that nite was heaven. 

they mostly serve finger food but they have rice as well. they also have various of fried noodles and fried rice. 

we've ordered a few dishes. 

deep fried squids. 
which in our opinion is just so-so...

yin yong kai lan vege. 
this is damn nice. but i didnt quite like is cos it taste a little bitter. well, mayb im not a vege person. but the others commented it is nice. and we actually ordered 2 plates of these...

salted pork. 
must order. i think it is not enough salty given the name 'salted pork'. it'll live up the name better if it is more salty. :D

siong tong lala. clams in superior soup. 
THIS! is my MUST order! i cant get enough of the soup! even i was already stuffed but i just keep taking the soup. and the lala is fresh! 

was using my phone to snap the pictures, so forgive me for the poor quality. :P

Restoran 2008 Snow Beer
Block C, 20-0-8, Jalan 2/101c,
Cheras Business Centre

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Lala.... yum...