Monday, September 19, 2011


how often do u come across a quote and it makes u feel like u can relate and makes u feel better?

i have... a lot. and most of them are from tumblr. particularly, this one.

i think last week, i started using "喜欢一个人不代表一定要拥有他..." in my msn/fb/fridae.

dun underestimate this banana ok? i know how to recognise SOME chinese words wan. all thanks to google translate. :P

it means "liking a person doesnt mean that you have to own that person".

there are so many meanings behind all these quotes. and the one i mentioned above could be :-
u like that person, but that person dont like u?
u dont like that person but that person likes u and u r trying to send that msg to her/him?
u like that person and the person likes u but due to some reasons u cannot be with that person?
and the list goes on... depends how u wanna apply.

and what triggers me to say so?

i feel that, i'm already used to being single. being alone. so used to it till even if i like someone, i am not comfortable being attached.

i dont know. maybe im weird. and i decided to be single still. perhaps until there is someone who manage to change that. so far, no one is able to.

well, i do want to have a partner. not to say i dont. just that, so far no one is able to give me that sense of comfort, security and that person is someone i can fall onto completely. not literally ok? if i really fall physically on that person, i believe that person will be pancake immediately. =.=" fall onto as in i can rely on.

owning that person is not important. seeing that person will be a happier person even without you does.

i guess the keyword here is 'comfort'.

its ok if u dont understand wtf im trying to say, cos i am lost too. hehe... :P


then last thursday, i received a message in fridae.

im glad how my quote helped someone a lil, just like how i felt whenever i see other quotes that i can relate to.

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