Tuesday, September 13, 2011


totally not getting used to blogger's new interface shit.

why they always need to change things? 

if it is changed for people's convenience den ya but this is totally... blergh. 

ok, maybe i am just not used to it... yet. 

i shall stop complaining about blogger. its not like they're gonna go back to the old one if i complained. just like how facebook changed certain stuffs den there a page to get 1mil likes so that it wont be implemented but when it hit 1mil likes, they still proceed to remain the new shit. 

oh btw. G+ is the new black. 

von n samson finally left the company! the whole team sure is more quiet now. 2 ppl missing from the usual VIP breakfast. 2 ppl missing from the smoking kaki. and bcos of that, i didnt smoke whole day today. thanks ya~ 

ouh. i have officially entered the 3rd year in this company. *cheers*
i guess the only changes are my batch of colleagues are getting lesser and my table is getting messier. workload is getting more tho, i think. cos it seems like we are having more customers. @.@


bleh... i actually had a really bad day today. 

once i woke up, got pissed on the fb chat with the cherating babes cos we were arranging for a date for our dinner. we bought coupons! ya. it suppose to be a happy thing by discussing but end up... bleh. 

then, i got early to office thinking that i am lucky cos i am early but NOOO!!! my pc decides to hang on me and ended up i logged in 3 mins late. 

busy busy busy day. 

thanks to jamie for the surprise. i dont know if it is suppose to be a surprise or not but it did cheer me up a lil today. THANK U! 

then talked to noelle and i was bombarded by questions that i do not wish to answer. 

then realised, i could be a back-up for a person. and boy, the feeling sucks. 

reached home thinking everything will be ok cos its HOME. but NOOO... aunt decided to ber-drama with me when i was watching my tvb drama. lol... funny how it sounded. 

she said me and my mom is neglecting my grandma. i scratched head. what are we suppose to do when grandma is always against my mom, and i am having a terrible heart ache everytime seeing my grandma treat my mom like shit. 

and in case u r lost, yes, my mom is my grandma's daughter. funny hor? where got own mother treat own daughter like shit wan? 

i really dont know how to salvage. 

whenever i talk to grandma, then she will bad mouth my mom... how am i suppose to control? i apologise if i have such low EQ. 

oh. back to the ber-drama part. ya. she decided to have her own episode of "moonlight resonance". all crying saying how can me and my mom treat my grandma like this. every morning my grandma would cry to my aunt when my aunt wakes up. she said i will never know wat my grandma went thru. 


can someone drag me to the cliff and push me down? 

sure. whenever there are changes involved it is difficult to get used to it, but we need to adapt. i know it is difficult for my grandma to adapt cos she is old. but cant the young ones try? fine. aunt and mom both not considered young. but still. 

once there was a fb status update by me, my cousin commented... learn how to close ears, close eyes, and there's always a way to solve any problem.

i wish it was that simple.

im really tired. 

now, seriously. can someone push me down from the cliff? anyone at all? 

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