Saturday, September 3, 2011

BlurCo dot com

as you can see, obviously my blog template has been revamped.

that day my butt was itching if i shud get a .com for my blog. i know i know. my blog do not have much traffic, wan a .com for fucks ah? well, better book it 1st rite?

then i was torn between my old name which is LilMsThong or a name that me and my colleagues have used for our guild in Iris, BlurCo.

when they first started blurco, a colleague of mine, Clyde designed the avatar for the guild. which apparently according to samson, that avatar looked like me. cos i am practically blur all the time. =.=" everyone stopped playing already and i didnt manage to screen capture the game.

i was a proud warlock. *grins*

after getting the domain from here for only Rm38/year, melvin, who is the guy i bought it from, 'migrate' my blogspot's domain to and also set up my email for me. now u iz can emiao me at hee~ and then i dengan buay paiseh-nyer requested Clyde's help to design the header for me.

at first when he sent me the completed work, the header was narrow. he said he will amend. but after i meddle with it till 4am, i managed to get it. but then it still cant gave the effect that i wanted. then all thanks to Clyde, he played with the HTML and wallah~ BlurCo's first template is borneddd...!!! ^^V

and now i iz headache-ing with my foodie blog. what name shall i change it? since i am not using lil anymore. so i guess i dun wanna use hungrylildevil anymore. any ideas?


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