Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3rd case

i was sleeping nicely resting as i was on MC that morning. my mom's car was sent to the workshop so she took my car to work.

then i heard a very loud "thump!" and it woke me up. i saw a crack at the ceiling above my door. i saw a hand pushing through the crack as tho someone wanted to peep through the crack.

i stunned...

it took me few minutes to figure what just happened and gather myself up.

by the time i got up, the thief had already run off.

i opened the door and as i entered the master bedroom, i was welcomed with a mess resulting from being ransacked.

my heart dropped. my head went blank.

and then i went downstairs. all clear. i went and open the main door which i dont know why. i think my head was really blanked.

i went upstairs and took my phone. called my aunt and she asked me to call my 3rd uncle, who is staying few houses away.

3rd uncle came,  4th aunt came and my grandma came home at the same time. with my whole body shaking from the fright, i only manage to open the wooden door and the grill. as i reached to the main gate, i was shaking until i cant find the key. "i cant find the key!!!" then 4th aunt asked my grandma to use her key to open the gate instead.

i was sitting down trying to stop myself from shaking. while they check the whole place. grandma hugged and rubbed my back to comfort me.

1st uncle came later on, then mom finally reached home.

then i went to my room, already half calmed and called the subang police station.

the police patrol car arrived within 15 minutes. after going through the house, they went off.

after getting the total damage from mom and aunt, i went to the police station to lodge a report. 3rd report...

after all the ordeal, had my fair bit of screaming orchestra as well as a lil family drama in the evening.

what we think is this :-
have been monitored for a very long time and he knew my grandma always goes out at that particular time. my car wasnt home so he thought no one was home.
came in through the roof, did his party in the master bedroom. my door was locked cos i was still sleeping.
he went above the ceiling, trying to break the ceiling in my room to have another round of party in my room, but found me in the room.
then he ran away...

this is the 3rd break in now. and we are out of money to do more preventive measures. sure, front and back door is secured and we have dogs too. but, what about from the roof? anyway to prevent? need money right? anyone can donate? i think i need to start my misheru's funding for home security association.


First break-in
Second break-in

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Shia Lynn said...

I told my mom what happened you know, and she felt bad for you guys so she came up with a solution which she was kind enough to gave the idea to the person next door's parents before they were bad to us. Anyways, u might have to invest bit more money but basically you grill the ceiling (yes you can do that, ppl do that) and when it comes to the one part of the ceiling that can be opened, you make a little gate which you can lock! have a strong lock and keep the keys away. this really works. =)