Friday, September 16, 2011


and i am still not asleep. i shall be a zombie later in the office.

y am i not sleeping? well... my fingers itch to type a post. about what? whatever comes to my mind.

i was very very down today. only god knows why. i even teared a little bit in the office but managed to hold back. the girls was planning for dinner and all i wanted was bank errands, lok lok and then home. i was even at the point of feeling to fly kite and just hide at home.

i went home and quickly head to bed and sleep. hoping i can just sleep off the moody me. i told jessi to wake me up when she is on the way to pick me up. and... apparently, i missed 5 of her calls and she even called my house phone. lol...

she needed to use the toilet, so i let her in to use the toilet while me... trying to catch back my soul back into my body. 'jon loi lorrr'...

after further planning, we ended up with steamboat at tasty pot, sunway.

i thank my friends for being... well, my friends. :)

as i said, i was very down. its like, i can burst out crying any minute. but meeting them sort of brightens my day a lil.

ouh. did u realise that smurf is smaller than wat they claimed to be 3 apples tall? i said it is bcos they were measuring using smaller apples instead of fuji apples. and to my surprise, jasmine was telling the same thing to jessi the day before.

and... smurf is funny!!! azrael is FUNNY!!!

ok la. out of topic liao.

friendsssss... u know who u r. thank u. :)

happy malaysia day. its a public holiday. and i gotta work. hee~ treeeeepelllll baybeh~

are you dead yet?

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