Monday, August 1, 2011

Perodua Tweckbot

i forgot how i came to know about this. but it must be somewhere in the world wide web cos i dont watch tv and seldom listen to radio.

i hesitated at the beginning. dont know shud i try my luck or not. and plus, i didnt check when will it be my location. erm... i didnt know can check oso. hehe...

at the end, i was thinking "why not?' try luck lor. so i tweeted.

their respond was quite fast. and i almost missed the tweet reply cos i dun usually tweet anymore and i dont check often... and so, i gave them my address n my contact number.

and they called almost immediately to make an appointment.

scheduled on Monday 2pm. and they r not late. in fact, they came earlier.

the checkings are all very basic stuffs but good enough for u to have a safe journey when traveling to balik kampung. :)
Engine Oil (Level, Quality)

ATF (Level, Quality)

Cooling System
Coolant (Level, Fan & Tempreture)

Brake System
Brake Fluid (Level, Quality)
Brake Pad Wear (Thickness)

Power Steering System
PS Fluid (Level, Quality)

Clutch System
Clutch (Free play)

Tyre Tread

Suspension System
Shock Absorber (Condition)

Electrical System
Battery (Electrolyte Level, Voltage, Charging)
Lights (Head Lamp, Signal Lamp, Clearance Lamp, Tail Lamp, Back-up Lamp, Third Brake Light)
Wiper(Wiper Blade & Operation, Wiper Washer)

Engine Management
DS-II (Diagnosis)

i know that it should be cheras's turn today so i asked how come they are in subang. he said after my car, they will head to cheras to check some more.

then i saw their tweet saying that they were in cheras from 10:30am till 12pm. and the another tweet saying that they r in cheras roughly about 3.30pm till 6pm. so i guess, in between they took break and then come to subang? :P

after checking, they explained to me what is what, what was done to check this n this. they will let u know what needed to be changed and u will need to proceed to the perodua service centre to get it changed. and when u bring along the inspection checklist they passed to u, u will get 15% discount. :)

the checking was quite fast. approx 15 mins for my lil viva.

the service will be until 10 August so follow @MYPerodua and check with #tweckbot for to get your car checked.

have a safe journey balik kampung this raya yo~ ^^V

p/s :- thank u so much for the service and checking the cars under the hot sun. :)


Unknown said...

wah so effishyun......

BlurCo said...

of cos. i iz impressed too!