Wednesday, August 3, 2011


agree or not, there will be friction between 2 people. even it is not a major one, there will definitely be a minor one.

so many arguments recently. even i got myself into one. and i blame it all on pms. i still have yet to cool off. in fact, i getting more angry... im a girl leh! i wan ppl pujuk wan lor! *pissed*

anyhow, personal issue aside.

im caught up in a group friction. and i do not know what to do. sit aside and watch? voice out and then i will look like as if i am taking side, which i dont want to take any sides...

sighs. what to do?

i noticed that i cant do much with what i am earning at the moment. every month is just right for me. and that is if i really spend slowly. no shopping. no savings. no insurance. trying to cut as much outings as i can...

in short, im a dead cow...

any loan shark to intro that i dont need to return the money? :P

argh~ dun think dun think. everything will be fine, everything will be fine. *living in denial*

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