Friday, July 15, 2011

Restoran Yong He, Kluang

famous for their curry mee...

their noodle is totally different from the ones in KL. tastes better. and now i know why people always boost about the noodles in kluang.

my portion~

other than curry mee, they also have plain soup noodle. we tried both.

i prefer the curry mee bcos of the santan but the plain noodle is nice as well cos it is really plain. and can tell that there is no MSG bcos i dun feel thirsty at all.


Big Cow said...

i miss the mee alre!!! next time no sharing!! :P i shall have a bowl all to myself :D

Anonymous said...

Really taste good, i tried dry mee and add a bit curry taste very nice too because a lot of people order. Of course the most popular is Curry Mee.