Friday, July 15, 2011

Kluang 7 - 9 July

looking at the above date above shows that this post has been delayed very long. hehe... (after so long d, i cant remember exactly what we did... hehe... )

we made a move back to kluang at nite bcos we wanted to go for satay celup in malacca while on the way to kluang.

we arrived in kluang at about 1.30am. fren's mom is actually a fortune teller and let her read me... and then head to bed bcos we got a long day to come...

the next morning, we went to Yong He for breakfast. and boy i love their curry mee. the santan... uuummmpphh~

we went back to my fren's grandma's place to rest a while and then we headed for lunch...

lunch was at ikan asam pedas with her grandma and dad.

after lunch we went over to a shop called 'united' and bought lotsa tidbits! that shop is like heaven! so many old school sweets!!

we then went to Kluang Lim for coffee. love the bun.

then we went for dinner at sin hon kee. i love the beef ball! the pork ball is just normal to me. but the beef ball is superb!

we wanted to sleep early cos we were damn tired. but then... we ended up reading tweets and FB updates about the massive traffic jam in KL.

the next day on the 9th, we had our brunch at Yean Kee. my favourite among alllllll the food i have tried! :D

then we went to buy dao sa pneah, more tidbits, and kluang noodle from the factory.

we then headed back to her grandma's home. we were following tweets and fb updates on the rally...

went over to Kluang Lim for coffee again. ah... the coffee is damn nice!

dinner was at a 'dai chao' place. didnt manage to get pictures but the butter chicken is nice. it is not like the usual butter chicken we had before.

after dinner, we went back to take our shower, pack and left.

we headed to seremban to pass the noodle and dao sa pneah to a friend and went mamak for a drink.

by the time we reached home, we were dead tired alre...

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Big Cow said...

wah... one trip but so many entries :D