Sunday, July 17, 2011

i cant believe it

i just cant...

despite the bersih rally just over not long ago and i was touched by how united ONE malaysia can be, i cant fucking believe it that YOU fucking stared cock at me.

yes. this is race issue... i dun want to be racist but sometimes the fact is so obvious for us to be racist. gomeneh~

ok, maybe u iz no bersih supporter. i iz naive.

but still...

u r a fucking slow driver driving at the fucking fast lane and when i cut in front of u, u fucking flashed high beam at me?!

how dare you?!

if malaysia has no law, i would have fucking get a fucking big foot and run over your fucking useless car! no. not car. a piece metal trash! with YOU in it!

after flashing that fucking high beam at me, i gave way and let u pass me so that u can be "fast" driver at the fast lane. instead of appreciating of what i have done... your bitch have to stare cock at me.

thanks. i know my car is very pretty. tqvm. just a lil dirty cos i havent wash my car in weeks. *sorry my baby* but ya. i calmed down a little until...

when i finally drove passed you at the slow lane instead, BOTH of u have the cheeks to stare cock at me again.


pissed!!! ultimate level!!!

screw you slow drivers who always thinks that u drive fast enough to be at the fast lane and didnt give a fuck when a car is coming behind u and OBVIOUSLY the car behind u is faster than u! fucking give way la u inconsiderate bastards!

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