Wednesday, June 8, 2011

thirty two Bistro and Bar, Sunway Pyramid

i bought a deal in it was just rm25 for a 3 course meal.

well... it says it was a 3 course meal and it listed in the website like below :-
1 x Appetizer
Ceaser Salad or 32's daily bowl (soup)

1 x Main Course
Lamb Shank served with Braised Vege
Salmon Trout Grilled served with Hollandaise Sauces
Mixed Seafood de Olio Pasta

1 x Dessert Of The Day

1 x Chilled Juice
Orange Juice or Pink Guava or Pineapple or Mango

so i only expect that. but little did i know, when i went for the redemption with daph, the list turned out longer.

daph bought a few of this very same deal and she have tried it in sunway pyramid and also the one in puchong. she said the one in pyramid is better cos the service is better and also the food is better.

i like the environment very much. very quiet and perfect for a catch up with friends.

if you prefer live band, next door has live band as well. but i prefer the quiet side as i got lotsa catching up to do. :)

food wise is not bad. i especially love the soup. ^^

i like the main dish a lot. grilled salmon, mussel, squids and shrimp. and the sauce is super delicious.

for dessert they serve new zealand ice cream. its so creamy and it melts the moment u put it in your mouth.

the wine is not included of cos but i felt like drinking white wine that night.

cant wait for more deals. :P

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Hi Lil Ms Thong,
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żħї~qїňg said...

whoa the food looks nice, how could i missed out on that deal...!

Lil Ms Thong said...

lol. no worries~ there are more deals around anyways. next in line for me is 12 hrs buffet. :D