Saturday, June 4, 2011


i am! really!

so many movies i wanna watch but its either i do not have the time, or i do not have anyone to accompany me. :(

i wanna watch :-
paul (must watch!!!)
pirates of the caribbean
kung fu panda 2
something borrowed

i wan i wan i wan!!!

the latest movie i went for was F5. omfg! the koenigsegg ccx is to die for! i dun mind being single for the rest of my friggin life if i can have that car!
and then i found the new koenigsegg agera is damn sexy oso. *orgasm*
oh oh... and i watch thor. ahh.. the bodyyyy!!!

i am so outdated until the extend there is once i said i wanna watch this particular movie and then being laughed at cos it is not shown in the cinemas anymore. :(

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Big Cow said...

i also wanna watch!! jom! :D