Wednesday, June 8, 2011

interesting way to start my day...

got a wake up call - positive ^^

got stuck in the ever famous federal road (not highway. learnt that from her) - negative

idiot #1 cuts to my lane w/o signaling - negative stared cock at him.

idiot #2 cuts to my lane w/o signaling - negative no time to stare cock. rushing. william tell overture was playing in mind alre.

* i dont understand. their signal lights out of order or wat? go fix it la! so lazy to flick that er... thing... den dont smoke and flick the ashes and dont wank and dont finger your wife!
* and best of all. both of them are the same species.

went in to the parking zone and no empty space at sight. went 3 rounds. and it was 12:20pm alre - negative

tailed a walking guy and for the 1st time in my life he actually pointed that his car is just there and hand gestured asked me to wait - positive

reached office at 12:32pm - negative

foul mood level : 70%

i need my coffee...

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