Thursday, June 9, 2011

how time flies...

and im alre 25 yrs and 6 months old.

but im not talking about age today.

its gonna be 11 June soon. the trip we've been looking fwd to. i meant me and my colleagues. the very 1st email blasted to organise this trip was 14 Apr. i wonder how it'll turn out. and how drunk we will get. i'll fill in the details tweeting or fb when we're sober up.

oh. need to buy cigs for the trip... no. i failed quitting. again. will try the next attempt after my cherating trip. which is the following week. 18 June. :P

i dont want time to fly leh... in another 6 months time, i'll be 26. *sobs*

1 comment:

Vi said...

Wow.. Now onli know that you are so young.