Friday, June 24, 2011

drunkard, cherating and such...

the drunkard
its already friday. and im gonna blog what happened starting from exactly 1 week ago.

friday nite, i was having drinks with my colleagues. before leaving, went to another table and shot a few more glasses. while driving along our beloved federal highway road, it was really jammed up. from 4 lanes, we squeezed to 1 lane. and boy, my head was banging like mad. there are few times i fell asleep while driving. and when i finally reached home, i stopped my car's engine and napped in the car a while. when it was getting really warm, i get out from the car, went in the house and continue sleeping.

the next day (saturday), i was suppose to join the girls to cherating and jessi is suppose to be my designated human alarm clock, 6am. and... my phone battery died. smart eh?

desperately in need to call me up, she called my aunt. and my aunt knocked on my door.

aunt : why didnt u lock the gate?? it was wide opened!
me : *awake a lil but still blur* oh, is it? but i got lock the inside gate rite?
aunt : ya. but u left the wooden door opened.
me : aiya, got lock can d la. how come u wake up so early?
aunt : jessi called. u r supposed to wake up now.
me : er. what time now?
aunt : 6 something d.
me : urgh. shit. *cos still stoned!*
aunt : where is your car keys?
me : *jumped and sat up on the bed* not on the table?
aunt : no
me : *living in denial* sure at somewhere in the house wan laaa...

i got a feeling it's in the car alre but i am toooo stoned to get up, hoping and praying hard that its somewhere in the HOUSE instead. but aunt came in again...

aunt : i cant find ur car keys...

i was thinking, sure d. i went down, went out, opened my car door... IT WAS HANGING THERE! AND I FREAKING FREAKED OUT!!! THANK GOD NOBODY DRIVE ME CAR AWAY!!! ~~~~~T__T~~~~~

so i went back in to the house, rushed to pack and showered and went out to fetch jessi.


after fetching jessi and marie, we headed to the meet up point with the rest. which i was damn late alre. :P

upon reaching, abbie, nikie, daph and fionne was already there waiting. hehe... paiseh... *blush*. without waiting long, we started our journey. before we drove off, nikie told me not to drive too fast. rightt... when we started our journey not long later, her car over took my car and since then, we were driving at the average of 140 to 150 km/h.

really mad women on the road. =.=

once the sea was at sight, marie started screaming in the car bcos she was tooooooooo excited. lol! but we didnt hit the sea right away. met up with auntie ruby and head out again for the prawn mee for lunch. after the lunchie, we went to get stuffs for the drinking session at night and also medication stuffs for nikie and marie. we then checked in! :D

after checking in and rest a while, we changed into our swim suit and rushed down the beach! after being hit by the strong waves a few times, we sat down and started scrubbing ourselves with the sand and washed it away using the sea water. damnnnn smoooooth weihhh~ ^^

after getting a lil tanned, we went back to ruby's and rinsed ourselves. we sat at the lounge chatting while enjoying our ais kacang, chicken wings and huge jug of ribena. the feeling is so blissful~

we wanted to nap a while, but then by the time we headed back to our rooms to shower, it is already time for dinner. auntie ruby prepared BBQ dinner for us and it was really yummilicious~ ^^ despite the feeding session to the mosquitoes, the dinner is really superb. *likes~*

after dinner, we didnt have enough ice so we drove out again to get some ice. and we came back and started drinking. it wasnt a drunk session. it's a slow drinking bonding session. and i like that. the happy part about it is that, we managed to clear up some misunderstanding and got to know some thing that i should have known earlier... after drink drink, we then went back to our rooms to sleep sleep~ ^^

i know the girls woke up early for breakfast, but i couldnt be bothered about it. i've alre told them, this is my lazy vacation and i shall sleep and sleep and sleep until i am satisfied. and they really did let me sleep. haha~ somehow i know that jessi came back to the room and changed. didnt bother to wake me up to put her suntan lotion for her, thats why she ended up like a lobster now. then she came back in the room to go our again for lunch. she did ask me if i wanna join them for lunch, i said no. and continue sleep. ahh~ i love vacation like this! hahaha~ but they are sweet enough to dapao for me and didnt leave me to die in hunger. :P

i finally woke up and they are still out having lunch and getting the local delicacies (keropok lekor and satar). i took my own sweet time to shower, washed and blow dry my hair, and i group-whatsapp them that i am all showered and waiting for my lunch to arrive. haha~

my lunch finally came back and it was nasi kukus~ damn nice~ after filling my tummy with solid food, we proceed with more drinks~ yes! day time! chivas la, beer la and surprisingly, none of us are drunk. i guess the saying is true. u get drunk easily when u r upset but u dont get drunk easily when u r happy. although we are not drunk AT ALL, we were laughing and laughing and laughing! until at a point we really have to stop cos we need to get ready for dinner. jessi joined auntie ruby and tanti and fudder for dinner. while me, abbie, nikie and marie went to have dinner with abbie's ex colleague, din.

din came to fetch us girls out and somehow we started talking and suddenly we were bantering on what is a fork called in malay? garfu or garpu? while we were bantering, we were laughing non stop again! and this garfu and garpu lead us laughing from one after another topic. we laughed until we reached the restaurant. we laughed while we were ordering. we laughed while we were waiting for the dishes to arrive. we laughed while we were eating! we laughed until marie was already rolling on the floor (we were sitting on the floor for dinner so the floor is clean)!! we laughed until din have to do 5 attempts to get the fish. we laughed until nikie's hand shake while having the spoon full of tomyam soup, and by the time the spoon reaches her mouth, the spoon is empty. we laughed until i chocked and puke! even when we were on our way back to ruby's, we were still laughing our asses off!

we arrived at ruby's and we are sitting outside our room still laughing but trying not to laugh out loud. half way, i went back to the room and dragged jessi out from the bed. we cant control our volume so we got fed up and we group BBM'ed instead. after we are satisfied with our chimney session, we went into nikie and abbie's room to talk some more. abbie finally dozed off and we were finally sleepy. went out for the last ciggie and went back to our rooms and sleep. zzz...

the next day we checked out and we went hai peng for brunch! but then reality strike us even before we go back KL. there's traffic jam. a massive one! all of us were already soooo damnnnn hungry, we decided to stop at one of those stalls to buy lekor and satar.

after lunch, we have to go through the jam again and we stopped at the Turtle Sanctuary. but it was closed. and abbie said she dun wan fren penyu d and wanna fren cow cow instead. =.= we then drove to chiang kee to get ikan bilis and we headed home.

and no. the laughter didnt stop there cos we were passing voice notes using BBM and we were laughing like mad again in our own cars! jessi did some silly stunt which marie started laughing hysterically in the car. which caused me laughing like mad also. this time we drove back at average 130km/h.

needless to say, once we reached KL it's already 7pm and the jam was nightmare. :(


additional leaves :P
once i sent jessi home, i headed to my own home to shower and ready to go out again to meet HL. she is finally back from india and took this opportunity to meet her up. my stomach was grumbling already and while getting ready, jessi bbm'ed me saying she left the ikan bilis in my car and needed it urgently. and she is hungry too~ so once i got ready, i fetched jessi and fetched HL to tmn megah's ming tien for dinner. and oh my~ fish head bee hoon never tasted THAT good.

after dinner, we sent jessi back and we went for drinks at funky villa. met up with shaaron and fanny. we chatted and laughed a lil and we headed home. damnnnn tired...~

the next day, had lunch at HL's place. her mom prepared yong tou fu for us. after lunch, we had sooo many places to go in mind but we ended up visiting her 'kai lui' milky and then headed for starbucks. after our drinks and i won a few rounds in checkers (muahahahaa~), we headed back to her house to meet her parents and then get my car and headed to subang. she rested in my room while i go wash my hair and get ready for dinner with her friends.

we had dinner at rakuzen in ss15. i've stayed in subang all my life and i have not tried rakuzen at all. and the food is damn good. after dinner we headed to enigma for drinks. both of us had 4 jugs... thats really crazy of us and we drank until we are the last table left. i think paula and evan wanted to kill us d. :P sent her back and i went home to sleep...

made plans with the cherating babes for supper at pudu wai sek kai. but before that, had late lunch with jim at mcd. went ahead to do some banking stuffs. and again reminded myself why i hate growing up. :( after banking, i had a lil time left to kill so went few round to find for parking and had froyo. ^^

fetched jessi and we shared a plate of fried kuay teow at ming tien while waiting for HL to be done with her dinner. fetched HL and then we headed down to KL to meet up with abbie. marie then joined us and then followed by nikie. we again enjoyed ourselves laughing like mad and stuffed our tummy with more food!

after supper, sent jessi home and we went for drinks again in ss2's wings musicafe with HL.

woke up at about 2pm and went for pan mee for lunch. not my fav food but HL was craving for it. after lunch we went to ikea walking around window shopping. had assam laksa den we headed home. i went home, got ready and here i am for midnite shift. and this post it self took me 6 bloody hours to type cos i was typing while doin my work... =.="""

and that is how i spent my leaves~

now, time to nap. oyasumi~

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