Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sea-Sky Restaurant, Port Klang

was being 'kidnapped' by my beloved team leaders to have dinner in a far away land. port klang. luckily i have yvonne with me, if not, i'll be crying while driving looking for directions. T.T

the team leads were already there while me and yvonne keep looking for directions. we eventually arrived at, i think... 8pm. :P
damn mm hou yi si for them to wait. some more one of the team lead's gf's parents were there oso... =.=
dont ask me why...

the environment was not bad. very windy. we took a seat nearer to the sea. and we proceed with ordering.

and how can we not order this? green beer. apparently is it very nice. and it is sweet! i like. :D

siong tong lala.
not bad. the soup is not as good as i was expecting. lala was damn fresh tho.

my mama say eat rice must have vege. so we ordered vege...

ham dan sotong...
recommended~ *thumbs up*

fried bee hoon with crabbie...

jiu yim lai liu ha. *mantis prawn*
to be honest, this is the 1st time i eat lai liu ha. they said shudn't hav cut it cos it will be easier to eat. and it tasted damn yummy!

kam heong crabbie...
i love love love the kam heong. very nice! or i am a sucker for crabs. i dont know. but i definitely love this a lot. :D

overall, i love the environment cos there was no crowd at all. i think it is too deep in, thats why. the food wise, its nice. but not till the extend i will travel back for the sake of their food...

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