Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i lurve newbox

plainly bcos i love the fantastic service there.

despite the not-so-satisfying sound system there, i still love going there cos their staffs are super friendly and even how bad the sound system turns out, it doesnt matter anymore cos afterall, it is the company that matters.

went for a k session with jessi the other day. we were singing half way and we suddenly felt like drinking beer. we dont usually order beer when we sing k. just the complimentary drinks and thats it. but that day, of all sudden butt itchy. haha~ i noticed they have this promo of either order 2 buckets or 8 glasses to get a free heineken cap. i like the cap. and best of all, its in white! so i went out to look for the waiter.

we initially wanted the 8 glasses but they said they dun serve glasses, they only serve bottles. i told them we cant finish it so can we keep it there for the next session. he said cannot. but we are allowed to bring the bottles home.

so i told them to check if they still have the white cap. if they dont have the white cap, den i dun wan the 2 buckets. the waiter jokingly replied me, no cap den 1 bucket la. =.=" i insisted dun wannn!!! no cap no buckets! :P

and 2 buckets with 1 white heineken cap... :P

obviously we cant finish the 2 buckets...

when i was about to go out of the room to ask for plastic bag to dapao, the waiter came in and asked if we needed plastic bag. and mind you, we havent even ask them for plastic bag... he gave me one and we placed 6 bottles in it. it was rather heavy, so we thought of getting 1 more plastic bag just in case. again, when we were about to leave the room, another waiter came in and asked if it is too heavy and if we want more plastic bag... and he gave additional 2 plastic bag...

i was very surprised with their service. and u cant find these service in neway or redbox. and to be precise, the one we went to is in USJ19.


Newbox KTV

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